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Sunday, 02 May 2010 09:39

Many people have asked us how we got the name for the magazine. By way of explanation, we offer the following definition from the Dark Conspiracy Referee's Guide:


Bizarre areas are beginning to appear in uncontrolled territory, both in the cities and the countryside. Locals call them a variety of names, but the most common is Demonground. Since marauding bands no longer strike out from these areas, the police leave them alone, and attribute the strange stories about them to ignorant superstition. Most humans who venture into such areas never return.

In the countryside, Demonground usually has bizarre vegetation: bleak, twisted trees and tangled thorn bushes are the most common, with considerable stretches of bare, muddy ground or exposed bedrock. In cities, decayed buildings are often altered to include mazes of weird organic-looking tunnels. These are found either inside buildings or linking separate buildings, and they wander in seemingly random directions. Often they slope up or down and connect to the sewers or even lower levels of excavations.

Dark Minions often inhabit these areas' hearts.

We couldn't pass up the opportunity to adopt a name for the magazine, that at its heart, is the very definition of what the magazine is all about. What better name, than the term which refers to the area where odd occurances in Dark Conspiracy are centered?

- Mike Marchi

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