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DEMONGROUND is released four times a year in Adobe’s PDF format. PDF was chosen because it allows us to produce a high quality publication that can be read by anyone with the Acrobat reader software installed on his or her machine. As the Acrobat reader is available for free on a wide range of computers and operating systems, using PDF format means that we are not restricting the readership to those with the latest versions of any particular product.

The look of the magazine is vitally important to us. The DEMONGROUND staff feels that although the magazine is available for free, we do not, and in fact should not, sacrifice presentation quality in order to make our lives simpler. We believe the genre of Modern Conspiracy/Horror is extremely adaptable, so information that has been produced for one game system, should be fairly easy to adapat to another.  We feel that by producing a magazine that people will want to read, we will encourage more people to play these games.

DG Screen layout, showing bookmarks (click to view larger image - 108KB)

RPG players and referees are spread across the world. The DEMONGROUND editorial staff live in four separate countries, and our contributors hail from even more. This has helped us to realize that we need to recognize the need for two different versions of each issue of the magazine; one in Letter sized (8.5" x 11") for the USA and one in A4 for Europe, Australia and the rest of the world. By producing the two versions, we can help make printing the magazine easier for you.

DEMONGROUND’s format is based upon Game Designers Workshop’s old house magazine, Challenge. Each issue is divided into a number of "departments" to help you find the articles you find the most interesting. Not every department will appear in every issue of the magazine, but the vast majority of them will.  Note, these departments are just guides - if you feel we are missing a certain subject, please feel free to contact us with your requested department.




DEMONGROUND is a fanzine. Fans of Modern Conspiracy/Horror have submitted all of the articles and artwork in the magazine. As such, we need your help to keep making DEMONGROUND bigger and better.

If you play one of the games we support, please consider writing something for us, so that we can share your experiences with others. You do not have to be a brilliant writer, or be able to write thousands upon thousands of words. Most tabloid articles and their hooks are a few hundred words at most.

As DEMONGROUND is divided into departments, we suggest you look at previous issues of the fanzine to get some ideas about the sorts of articles that we publish. These may give you a good starting point for your articles. But if you have a piece in mind that you think doesn’t fit into any of the existing hierarchy, then don’t worry about it. Send it in and we’ll find a place for it, even if it means creating a whole new department just to give it somewhere to fit.

Writing for fanzines is a very rewarding experience. It’s a great place to practice your writing skills if you have an interest in doing some professional writing in the future. Many authors in the role-playing industry today began by writing articles in fanzines for their favourite gaming systems. Many of them were noticed by line developers and were given contracts to write adventures and sourcebooks.

The game publishers have been asked to look at each issue of DEMONGROUND, and keep an eye out for potential new writers and artists. We can’t guarantee that writing for us will help land you your first writing contract. But the experience of writing for fanzines such as DEMONGROUND shows line developers that you are a motivated person who is willing to get something down on paper for other people to enjoy. If you dream of being a writer, it is certainly a great place to start.

But even if you don’t want to write professionally, there is still a lot of personal fulfilment to be had sharing your ideas with others. At the moment, several hundred people download each issue of DEMONGROUND. This means that something you write could really help out someone you may have never heard of before and it could well lead to the start of some great new friendships.

The DEMONGROUND editorial staff works hard to bring you the best fanzine we possibly can. We hope that you will continue to enjoy the magazine.


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